Best Shows to Watch in Quarantine by Stoners

What is one most popular thing that everyone in quarantine is doing right now? Yes! You have made the right guess, it is ‘Netflix and Chill’. While we all are locked down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the only fun left is doing marijuana and watching our favorite seasons on Netflix. However, if you are running out of ideas about interesting latest Netflix shows to watch, then this guide is just for you.
We have exclusively made a list of the best Netflix shows for your stoning time.

1. Love Is Blind

Are you missing your significant other in this gloomy season? Watch this amazingly romantic series on Netflix. Love is Blind is a reality dating show that was premiered in February 2020 on Netflix. This series will get you through an emotional roller coaster where you will laugh and cry in equal measures. The show tends to challenge couples, and the best one stays longer. This series is best to accompany with the premium quality marijuana joint to add more quality to your time.

2. The Circle

This show has taken the technological advancement to the next level, in this show, players do not meet each other and keep the communication through virtual reality. Some players use their true identity while others use pictures of someone else and catfish in the show. This reality show gives an alarming danger of the internet that how anyone can fake the identity and fool out anyone. This show is quite interesting to watch with the puffs of pods.

3. Instant Hotel

This is an Australian reality show in which homeowners convert their places into Airbnb. The contestants get a chance to live in one another’s Airbnb spaces and judge on the previously set criteria. The show is hilarious, and you will laugh even more if you are high on Mary Jane. The show has two seasons that would be enough to kill some tedious hours.

4. Queer Eye

This show is not a new one on Netflix, but it is still one of the best when it comes to killing some time and enjoying it. The show tells us that it is okay to be different and weird, and it is not necessary to be the same in order to be accepted by society. This show is perfect to be watched at this time of despair, where everyone wants some positivity in their lives. The show is best to be accompanied by heavy pods.

5. Sex Explained

In this quarantine, everyone is alone, and thinking about the good days when sleeping next to your partner wasn’t felt like a dream. This show will unveil all the questions about sex that are hitting your minds. This show uncovers five topics that are related to sex. This show is very educational, and it will help you in understanding all about sex and fantasies. lit a blunt
and enjoy this show while inhaling some good type of Indica.

We’ve been stuck in our homes for more than two months, and right now, we are running out of ideas of what’s good to watch. In this article, we have discussed top shows of Netflix that can be best to pair up with marijuana. Read and thanks us later!

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