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In-depth Understanding of Purple Punch Marijuana

Purple punch! Don’t mistake this name with the blueberry or grape drink. The name purple punch must be filling your mouth with water while you are thinking about freezing purple cocktails or the refreshing fresh fruit punch. But hold on! We are talking about new marijuana strain that is as good as the basket of […]

Understand the CBD oil, its Benefits, Usage and Safety Measures

What is CBD Oil? CBD oil is made by extracting the plant components from the hemp plant and then infusing the extracted oil into a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or MCT oil. CBD extracted oil is infused with an alcoholic solution to create a tincture. What’s CBD oil good for? The Endocannabinoid […]

Best Shows to Watch in Quarantine by Stoners

What is one most popular thing that everyone in quarantine is doing right now? Yes! You have made the right guess, it is ‘Netflix and Chill’. While we all are locked down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the only fun left is doing marijuana and watching our favorite seasons on Netflix. However, if you are […]

A Complete Guide to CBD

CBD has numerous health benefits, and it is growing popularity amongst medical professionals and consumers. People mistake CBD as marijuana however, these are entirely two different components. CBD is such a versatile drug that can be used in anything from making you high to take away your pain and enhancing the taste of your food. […]

Treat your Skin with Cannabis

We all love to get high on marijuana and forget all our worries; however, the biggest worry is our health, but don’t worry, cannabis got you covered. Cannabidiol is widely used in medicines as it helps in calming the soreness, inflammation, muscle spasm, and much more. Amongst all health problems, the issue with skin is […]

Weed Rules: 6 Rules for the Stoners Circle

A group of friends is incomplete without a premium quality stash. Smoking weed along your buddies intrigue a sense of humor, gossips, and never-ending fun. Besides all that fun part, there are also some of the weed rules that everybody needs to follow. These etiquettes are usually followed when stoners are sitting in a group […]