Gaming Ideas for Stoners

Gaming and smoking weed comes side by side as both the agents take us to the world of unseen and unheard. We all usually crave the activities that we love while being high on marijuana, and gaming is the best of all. Whether you are getting high on your own or you are accompanied by your homies, gaming is the best option to pair up with high-quality marijuana. This article covers top games to be enjoyed while you are high on weed.


GTA has always remained close to our hearts, and we love playing this game with our pals and get high. We all know that getting stoned gives us brilliance in creative thinking, and that will be helpful in understanding missions while playing GTA 5. You can pair up with your friends to accomplish the missions, or you can play the solely while your friends watch and enjoy.


The other best game that you can enjoy playing while you are high on weed in SKYRIM. The game is enriched with the mystic setting, dragons, and the tale of an underdog. You can hit the joint every time you see a dragon or set the blunting on your own. Play this game with your friends to enjoy more. The amazing features of this game will light up an exhilaration in you while hit the joint and pass it over to your buddies.


If you are into fighting and playing serious games, then Mario Kart is going to be your favorite. This fun game will add more excitement to your bong sessions. The best part is that you can enjoy playing this game even if you are not along with your friends. Good quality marijuana and Mario Kart will be enough to keep you busy and happy for a long time.

4. Pokémon

This is the weirdest cutest game ever introduced. We all played Pokémon once in our lifetime, be it our childhood or adult life. But have you ever tried being high and play this amazing game? If not, then we recommend you to play this game and get lost in the various cute characters, amazing graphics, and endearing features.

5. Everything:

David O’Reilly’s created this game amazingly in which you explore everything from the tiniest microorganism to the infinite creatures. This game is perfect to be played while you hit the blunt and get high. It will allow you to explore nature in the most entertaining way. You can enjoy the game alone just with your heavy joints. It will provide you an amazing feeling of joy and peace, especially if you play it while being high.

Gaming is one of the most favorite activities of everyone, stoner or not stoner. Smoking weed with a couple of friends and being at home can be really exciting if you have good taste in games. In this article, we have discussed five of the best games that can be enjoyed by every stoner.

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