How to Reset Your Cannabis Tolerance

How to Reset Your Cannabis Tolerance
Is marijuana not getting you high enough? Are you missing that buzz of cannabis? If it is so, then you might be dealing with a high tolerance. High tolerance means that your body is getting used to marijuana, and it can be weaker the effect of getting high in you.
When you are highly tolerant, you have to consume more weed to get high. But overdoing weed may cause serious harm to your health. No matter what you do and how hard you try, it’s nearly impossible to get high and get that feeling of getting high like crazy again.
In this article, we are going to discuss four of the best tips to reset your cannabis tolerance. Keep on reading if you want to get high like never before.

1. Take a break:

In order to lower cannabis tolerance, you have to take a break from consuming cannabis. These breaks are usually referred to as T breaks. The THC can reduce with time, but it can be recovered over time and return to its previous levels. You can take a break for as long as you want. The longer you take a break, the higher effect of marijuana you will get. However, the ideal time frame is two weeks.


Introduce workout in your life to reduce weed tolerance. Exercise can help you in lowering the cannabis tolerance. Just a little workout like cardiovascular exercise before smoking the pod can get you high. If you are not a fan of tough exercise, then you can just go on enjoyable activities such as hiking, swimming, horse riding or cycling.

2. Do not start your day with marijuana:

For most of the stoners smoking marijuana is the first thing that we religiously follow. However, when you smoke marijuana daily in the morning, your brain and body get used to it. If you want to lower the cannabis intolerance, then you should skip consuming marijuana in the morning. To avoid smoking marijuana in the morning, try to start your day with coffee or any favorite breakfast.

3. Try different strains:

Every marijuana strain has a different effect. Some make you sleep and calm, while others make you energized and active. If you are habitually using one type of strain for a longer period, then you should try to switch the strains.

4. Use little cannabis in every session:

If you cannot take a break for a continuous two weeks, then you can try consuming less marijuana in each session. This trick is pretty easy to follow you just have to roll a smaller joint for each session, and your consumption will be lesser than usual. After some time, your tolerance level will be adjusted to the smaller amount of cannabis, and then you can get a heavy blunt to get high like a newbie.

If you are missing the effect of getting high like a new stoner, then this article will help you out. With time cannabis tolerance gets higher, and stoners do not get high as they did after smoking their first joint. We have discussed the four easiest and simplest tricks to get you high.

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