In-depth Understanding of Purple Punch Marijuana

Purple punch! Don’t mistake this name with the blueberry or grape drink. The name purple punch must be filling your mouth with water while you are thinking about freezing purple cocktails or the refreshing fresh fruit punch. But hold on! We are talking about new marijuana strain that is as good as the basket of fresh purple berries. So, now you should be more excited to roll your joint with the purple goodness while you much on the same fresh fruit juice. It sounds very purply!

Purple Punch Indica Strain

Marijuana comes in all forms and shapes, be it the extract, oils, powder, leaves, or buds, but now the strains are also coming in different colors. Purple Punch is an Indica strain that has several unique properties, including making you relaxed, give you better sleep, and get you high like never before. In this article, we are going to uncover all the details and facts about this amazing purple Indica strain.

Why is it called Purple Punch?

Purple punch is a hybrid that is created by crossing two Indica dominant strains, Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. Purple is made with strong strains, and it comes with a very potent effect that will give you a taste of being high like never before.

Purple Punch is not a first that appeared in the purple category, there are several buds in purple marijuana family including Purple Haze, Purple Trainwreck, Purple Skunk, Purple Dream, Sour Grape, and Grape Ape. Due to the fluffiness, sugary nugs and lush, dense purple and green highlights, Purple Punch has fairly occupied its spot among cherished purple bud varieties.

Purple punch has a sweet, punchy flavor, and it includes all the attributes of other purple weed strains. The most enhanced flavor of Purple Punch is the aforementioned aroma. When you inhale purple punch for the first time, you will get a dominant flavor of ice-pop juice and robust berries. While exhaling the strain will leave a strong note of earthy and pungent tones.

Effects of Purple Punch Strain

Purple punch contains a 20 percent THC factor, and it makes you high in no time. After smoking purple punch marijuana, you will experience strong waves of relaxation, kicking in under the scalp and behind the eyes. After that, your spine and limbs will be affected with the exhilarated experience of ‘highness’. Purple punch will surely provide you the bliss full time with vanilla and herby notes.

Will Purple Punch Weed Put Me to Sleep?

Purple punch is going to drive you down a lane where your mind will be floating with the carefree state of stance, and you will be in the mode of sedation. Purple punch is going to make high, and you will be calmed and relaxed enough to easily dose off. We recommend you to smoke this strain before going to bed for better sleep.

Added Benefits of Purple Punch Strain

Purple punch is enriched with THC and different properties of the purple marijuana family. It helps in reducing the stress level and mental disorders. This strain is known for making your mind relax and keep your muscular pain reduced. The strain is also useful in getting rid of insomnia and anxiety.

With all the added benefit, intense THC level, unique notes of flavor purple punch is perfect for you if you want to try a new baddy strain. This strain is actually coming in vibrant purple color with green highlights. This strain is one of the strains of the purple family. We recommend you get high on this purple punch at the end of your day or when you are ready to doze off with goodness.

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