Interesting Weed Nicknames

Do you have a nickname? Well, the good news is that your favorite thing in the world has nicknames too. Yes! We are talking about marijuana. There are almost 1200 slangs of weed, the most common ones are hash, hashish, pot, and weed.
Weed has been around us for hundreds of years. In ancient years it was widely used for medicinal purposes, and later on, people started smoking and consuming it to get high. Marijuana has remained a part of almost all the cultures for years, and it has passed through multiple generations, this has given it rise to different slangs and names to the marijuana. Today we are going to talk about some of the most bizarre weed names that you might have never heard before.


This is the most common slang that is used by the stoners. Bud is referred to as the part of the cannabis plant that is smoked.

Christmas tree:

Weed brings joy just like a Christmas tree, and this is why some stoners refer to marijuana as their Christmas tree.


This is another fun name given by the stoners to cannabis. We don’t know the exact reason for this name, but it is not that bad.


As we talked earlier that marijuana has a lot of medical properties, and that’s why it is also referred to as herb amongst the consumers. It is also called mother nature and mother for the same purpose.

Bag of bones:

Did you know that multiple stashes of marijuana cigarettes are known as nag of bones? Well, now, you know! So, get your bag of bones ready for the next weed session.


This is another nickname of our favorite marijuana. Blunt is most commonly used among all the stoners who love smoking. It is usually referred to as the weed joint.


This slang term is used for an over-sized marijuana cigarette.

Aunt Mary:

This is another slang for the weed, just like Mary Jane, Mary Warner, Mary Weaver, and Mary and Johnny.


This is basically a Hawaiian surf slang, and it is not widely known or used, but still, it is a pretty cool nickname of weed.

Dona Juanita:

If you want an upgraded version of the slang Mary Jane then use this term and impress your weed gang.


This slang is widely used in India, and it refers to the hemp plant.


This word is commonly used since the 1920s. However, in the 1920s, the slang was muggle-head, which later on just left with the muggle.


This slang term is derived from the Spanish. This nickname is used for the type of marijuana leaves known as potiguaya.

Rainy day woman:

We don’t know why marijuana has so many female names. Might be it is feminist. Whatever the reason is, this name is pretty cool. So light up your rainy day woman and enjoy life.


For the weirdest reason, some people call marijuana 13 because the first letter of marijuana is the 13th alphabet.

We love to give pet names to the things we love, and marijuana is one of those staples that we love to the core. There are several weed nicknames, and in this article, we have discussed some of them.

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