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Terms & Conditions

Nothing makes us happier than rewarding our loyal customers for their valuable reviews. To maintain a fair and transparent reward system, please be sure that your reviews comply with our General Guidelines, as well as the guidelines for each platform.

General Guidelines

  • Products under $5 are not eligible for reviews.
  • Each order can be reviewed on a maximum of 2 platforms.
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      CanadianMOM ($10)

    • Post a review on the CanadianMOM forum.
    • Make sure to follow their rules for posting.
      If your review gets removed due to non-compliance, we will not be able to reward you.
    • Limit: 1 review per order
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      Reddit – MOMpics ($5)

    • Post a photo + review in the MOMpics subreddit.
    • Make sure to follow our title format when posting.
      Example: Death Bubba – ChronicPost – May 2020
    • 1 strain per post.
    • Limit: 1 reward per strain, per month
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      Twitter ($5)

    • Follow us, like one of our tweets, and retweet us.
    • Your account must be active and have at least 1 tweet older than 1 month.
    • Repeatedly following and unfollowing will not be rewarded.
    • Limit: 1 reward per account

      Instagram ($2)

    • Post a photo or video of one of our products.
    • Tag us in the photo and mention us in the caption.
    • Your account must be active and have at least 1 post older than 1 month.
    • Limit: 1 reward per post/video per strain, per week

      YouTube video ($20)

    • Upload a video review of our products.
    • Your video must also include the unboxing of our package.
    • Please write a 1-2 paragraph description of your video, mentioning products purchased, and include our website link.
    • Your video title must include one of the following:
      – ChronicPost Review
      – ChronicPost – Buy Weed Online
      – ChronicPost Dispensary
      – ChronicPost Mail Order
    • Your video must be at least 3 minutes long. You can talk about different aspects of the products you received such as packaging, price, smell, appearance, taste, etc.
    • Limit: 1 video per order
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      Trustpilot ($5)

    • Post a 3-4 paragraph review about our products.
    • Your account will be credited one week after you post the review and let us know about it.
    • Limit: 1 review per order

      ChronicPost website ($5)

    • You may review as many products as you have purchased (e.g. if you bought 2 strains and 2 cartridges, you can leave a review for each of them and earn 4 x $5 in rewards).
    • Only honest and neutral reviews will be approved. This means that you must take your tolerance and personal preference into consideration. For example, someone with a high tolerance is surely going to find a Grade A or AA strain “lacking potency.”
    • Reviews can only be posted for the item you purchased. If you purchased Nuken 4A, please do not try posting a review for Nuken 3A and Nuken 5A, as those will not be approved.
    • Please do not review the same product on multiple SKU’s. For example, if you purchased a Mix & Match, please review the products separately. Do not leave a review for the Mix & Match.
    • Reviews must be at least 30 words long.
    • Do not use emojis in your review.
    • Our rewards program began September 17, 2019. If you purchased a product prior to this date, we are unable to backtrack and reward you for your review.