Vaping is exploding in popularity not only in Canada but globally. Whether it be vaping THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) distillate, shatters, live resin, CBD (cannabidiol) and other cannabis extracts, medical marijuana patients, and recreational marijuana vape enthusiasts are enjoying the many benefits that is available with vaping. Included benefits are discretion, the avoidance of health risks associated with traditional burning and inhalation of marijuana. No carcinogens to deal with, and the ability to pick up a vape pen with ones favourite strain/flavor anywhere and anytime without an aroma that sparking a joint would potentially offend a fellow citizen in a public sensitive area. Vaping ensures one need less material to achieve the desired effect (bio availability), and here at Chronicpost, our product and sales team is set to bring all of our customers lab tested, high quality vape products fast to your door steps at great prices satisfaction guaranteed.