24 Karat HTFSE (Terp Sauce)


Terp Sauce from Chronicpost has Terpene-rich, syrupy layer that typically surrounds diamonds, or crystalline structures, in sauce. The low temperatures utilized during the extraction process produce a high-terpene extract void of all plant fats and waxes, so it does not need to be winterized. Terp sauce usually comprises more than 50% terpenes, though all minor cannabinoids and other compounds from the extracted plant are still present and contribute to its effects. Terp sauce is sometimes packaged in vape cartridges called sauce carts. Those purchasing terp sauce should be careful they are getting terp sauce, as it can be confused with other semi-liquid cannabis concentrates and marketed as “sauce” or “juice.”

If flavour is what you’re looking for, look no further than High-Terpene Full Spectrum Extracted Terp Sauce.

A low-temperature extraction process allows this concentrate to pack a serious punch of flavuor that will leave your tastebuds buzzing! Terps, short for Terpenes, are what give your favorite strains their flavor-profile and they also have a huge effect on the “high” that you experience from cannabis. Terp Sauce contains a much higher percentage of terpenes than most other concentrates.

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