1. 125719


    These are my all time favourites. I tried them all and they all taste pretty decent. Gives you a good and long high. They are also very cute!

  2. 130368


    Best hand made hash ive tried. The effects are grrrrreat. Very easy to work with. Will definetly order again.

  3. 131406


    Buying this for a second time! Super nice smell, tastes great. Flowers are nice and sticky

  4. 131398

    N and O

    This is great value for the price. Pretty well above average across the board with no real standout traits. The high is versatile enough to be smoked anytime.

  5. 131314

    N and O

    These buds are gorgeous. Caked with crystal, and purplish hues. The high is definitely indica, but it doesn't super couch-lock you. Really nice stuff.

  6. 130368


    second time i buy this awsome hash, funny to see others dispensory says it is afghan or Lebanese hash imported,it is wonderfully craft here in Canada BC by proffesionnal, i will always reccomand it 5/5 quality price.

  7. 131060


    I very much recommend this one. The buds are sticky, it's potent, has orange hairs. It's busted up nicely, & it smokes beautifully.

  8. 131330


    I'm a long time smoker I love this bud. Very potent I definitely recommend this one. The buds have purple hairs. by the end of smoking the joint it has so much oil BUY THIS ONE.

  9. 131322


    The buds is sticky, very good buzz u get. Smokes beautifully buds are purple. I very much recommend it

  10. 131335


    The bud, buds up very nicely. Burns great don't go out. The bud is on the dryer side. But I enjoy it.

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