1. 124231


    Intense smell , tight pale green buds . Really good looking but the flavor is not as strong as expected. Dont get me wrong this is some real good stuff just not a 10 for flavor more of a 7

  2. 124223


    Really enjoyable. Sweet taste pungent smell. Got me buying twice

  3. 123463


    This is a good high, but I had to sativa to it to give it that kick. One thing I really liked about it there was a lot in the bag and the buds were smaller. If you like a nice relaxed not to high feeling this is the perfect go too.

  4. 123796


    This stuff was nice!..dense buds crystal covered ..nice buzz would recommend . Taste and smell was like pine citrus almost fruity like smell to it ..over all good smoke id get this one again to .

  5. 122322


    Great for day time high. Calming but still very motivated. Great bud for the price.

  6. 122450


    This strain will knock you off your a*#. Perfect for night time and relax and do nothing time. Nice buds and burns clean. Well done again

  7. 123745


    Great high, but it was a bit leafy.

  8. 119484


    This stuff was amazing, the only thing I didn't like compare to my other 1/4 of ounces this one was small more compaked bud. But it's an hybrid and that's this babes fave . This was high energy,fun, and talking high. Recommended as a good treat!

  9. 123045

    Frederick Plante

    Got a good batch bud size, the smell is nice the buzz is kinda little for me but it is worth it

  10. 124223

    Frederick Plante

    Chronicpost descriptions are always on point. I am always happy with every orders that ive gotten so far. Only downside is with covid it seems to take a lil longer but its not like its their fault. First time i tried this ''Ice cream'' strain and the smell is top notch. The buzz is what you except after reading the description 🙂 Once again really happy

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