1. 126554

    Holly Leamon

    Nice earthy lemon taste, good buzz great smell. Always great smoke thank you!

  2. 126331


    Bag appeal is good , smell& taste too.

  3. 126331


    Très belles buds , d une couleur plutôt foncé et givree , Tres odorant avec ses aromes epicee poivrée,Pour le gout on remarque tout suite son gout de terre a la premiere puff

  4. 126071


    Was a great cross brand. Loved the flavor. My sister and I loves the cookies of. And this strain is definitely new but I like it. Will be getting more

  5. 126057


    Enjoyed this one!! Was a strong potient favor. Will be definitely buying more!!

  6. 126324


    Ce sont vraiment des belles fleurs tres givree tres belle couleur J adore son odeur fruitée et sucree Vraiment bon a deguster Un goût doux et fruite Brule bien les cendres sont blanche

  7. 126331

    N and O

    Buds are super dense, tight and caked . It smells and tastes sweet and fruity. Nice high. Awesome price. Obvious bag appeal.

  8. 126554

    N and O

    Excellent price. Nugs are fairly big and moist. Taste is earthy. Doesn't put you on your ass like some indicas, but not because of a weak high. You can tell it's a hybrid.

  9. 125437


    Love it. Surprised me for an indica. Left me wanting to stay busy instead of chillin. Great taste and buds are light and fluffy.

  10. 124231


    Really good buds. Aroma gave me a surprise. Kinda couch locked me bout 30 mins in. All around great strain.

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