1. 127781


    Agreed sticky and smelly. Great value.

  2. 128389


    Again great new strain of keif.

  3. 127908

    Frederick Plante

    Best bud for this price, this is worthy of AAA+, compared to some other strains that they rate AAA this is completly a steal

  4. 123095


    Great day time smoke!

  5. 124022


    Love the bud. Taste was on point and the buzz was superb.

  6. 120040

    Quick 123666

    Les buds sont tres sec , beaucoup ,de branche et feuilles , Odeur de fines herbes , citron . Mauvaise combustion

  7. 124231

    Quick 123666

    Belles buds , quelque feuilles et branches odeur de houblon , Gout fines herbes, amer Effet plutôt leger

  8. 128015


    Oh, man! This is only AA but smokes more like a AAAA ! My joint pain was reduced by 80 % almost right away! Was about to take pain killers but smoked instead. Nice flavor, smooooth smoke made me relaxed and happy! Highly recommend, great deal also!

  9. 125357

    Holly Leamon

    Awesome buds, compact. Breaks up nice, great smell and taste like og. Great price. Lots of crystal , thanks for the great quality!

  10. 126071

    N and O

    Really nice stuff. Nugs have outstanding bag appeal, just coated in crystal and super dense. High lasts for quite a while. Definitely worth the money.

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