1. 129551


    This stuff has the nicest smell!!! I left a grinder on my nightstand and kept catching occasional whiffs of the lemony, floral smell. Has a nice light herby taste in the vape

  2. 127717


    very well made, but compared to the 400mg brownies it tastes more like weed and is less pleasant. However the potency is good. The chocolate chips and the double chocolate are a good bake. Only downside is the taste, but worth the dough.

  3. 127715


    very potent and well baked, hardly tastes like weed. The dosage seems accurate and the product was well packaged. I stored it in the freezer and microwaved each time I needed a piece. worked like a charm.

  4. 130341

    N and O

    Can't go wrong for the price. This stuff can help me sleep, which is no small feat. Robust flavor, and pretty solid buds.

  5. 130337

    N and O

    This stuff is pretty nice. The nugs had a sweet, yet earthy smell and taste, and were at least average sized. High was good for the price. It also really hasn't dried out much, which is nice.

  6. 130836


    One of the heaviest indicas on the market. A hint of fruit on first taste. The buds were small but very dense. Great for bedtime smoke.

  7. 130852


    The taste and smell are amazing. Munchies. Munchies. Munchies. Than bed. And of course as always great quality buds from chronicpost.

  8. 129551


    First taste was sweet. Gave me the ol dry mouth more than others. It was perect for chillin out before bed.

  9. 130828


    Great aroma. The taste is kind of pungent, but smooth. For an indica it gives you a little of that sativa energy. Nice tight buds and of course great quality. Will definitely put some of this on every order.

  10. 127546


    Very awesome flavor! GAS, PUNGENT, EARTHY

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