Three Amazing Ways to infuse Cannabis in your Tea

Somethings are meant to be with you all your life, and a hot cup of tea falls amongst those wonderful things. A cup of warm tea brings smile onto your face with a lot of benefits to your health. Imagine your favorite cup of tea with many more advantages, sounds cool, right? Well, only one ingredient can provide you a better taste and enormous benefits, and that ingredient is cannabis. Cannabis-infused tea is not a new thing, and it has been here for decades, and we are going to unveil the creative ways to make your canna infused tea better than ever before.
Rewind the times when you used to enjoy a hot cup of tea with your family with some teacakes and gossips and make cannabis-infused tea a part of your daily routine. Several hidden benefits of cannabis-infused tea can help you in eliminating muscular pain and other health issues.
Keep on reading to get enlightened with the innovative ways to use canna infused tea.

Tea Bags & Mixes

Let us talk about the best canna tea bags, “Kikoko.” This tea is fresh and energizing. The pack of tea comes with ten teabags in sealed packaging, this way, all teabags stay fresh, and nothing goes to waste. The tea comes in different flavors, and it is induced with some THC that will deliver you a slight buzz, which is enough to give you a relaxed mind. The small amount of THC present in tea will not make you doze off. However, with regular use of this tea, you will be able to sleep easily and without any anxiety.

Infused Sweeteners

If you are a rooter of canna edible, then this canna infused sugar cube is right for you. This cube will add sweetness to a hot cup of tea. The cubes are made with organic sugarcane and Indica dominant cannabis. This sweetened sugar cubes will not only add amazing flavor to your tea but also get you free from every kind of pain, stress, and anxiety. Each sugar cube contains 10mg of cannabis. You can take the cube with your regular cup of tea without getting any specific canna tea.

Bath Tea

You must be familiar with the Epsom salt bath, but have you ever heard of canna tea bath? If no, then let us introduce this amazing idea with you. This versatile hemp company named ‘Indigo and Haze’ sells extra-large hemp flower tea bags. This bathing tea is infused with rose hips and clove oil to soothe the skin. In order to take a bath with this tea, all you have to do is steep this tea and add it into your bathtub and hop in the water. Make sure that the water is cooled down so that you don’t burn yourself. You can also add Epsom salts if you like for extra calmness. This hemp tea will help you in getting rid of all the muscle pains, provide you with goodnight sleep, and help you in soothing your joints.

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