One exciting thing that you can still do in the quarantine hotboxing your car. It will surely give you a good time and extra fun. But what when the fun ends? Are you going to drive the car with the stale smell of weed for days? It is very important to get rid of the weed smell immediately after you are done getting high and enjoying the hotboxing. If you do not have an idea of how to do it, then do not worry! With extensive research, we have found the easy tips that can help you in getting rid of weed smell out of your car. Keep on reading to explore the easy tips.

1. Keep the AC off:

Always remember that your AC is the enemy if you are trying to make your car smell “sober”. Imagine you clean your car thoroughly and get rid of the weed smell, but then you turn on the AC, and it blasts the smell of weed onto the face of the person sitting in your car. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing, especially if you are driving with your dad or mom? To avoid such an uncertain situation, all you need to do is smoke and keep the AC switched off. Otherwise, there won’t be any benefit in cleaning your car and making it smell free.

2. Get Rid of all the Little Weed Crumbs:

Once you are done with enjoying hotboxing, it is time to get your car clean. While you are going to vacuum all the visible weed buds, do not forget about the tiny ones. The tiny weed bits are usually fallen on the floor of your can and the seats. It is important that you remove every bit of the weed. If you fail to remove the tiny bits of weed out of your car, then it will smell like stale weed, and that’s what you will never want.

3. Become Pals with Baking Soda:

This is the tip that has been used by our ancestors to get rid of weed smell. Baking soda is the best agent in removing unpleasant odor out of everything. It is cheap and easily available everywhere. After you are done with weeding in the car, you can sprinkle the baking soda in every corner of the vehicle. Rub the baking soda everywhere carefully and leave it for a night. Next morning you can just use a vacuum and clean it up.

4. Use Air Freshener:

This is the first thing that hits the mind when you want to get rid of the marijuana smell of your car. After removing the bits of weed from the car, you must spray a good amount of air freshener with a strong, lasting smell. Do not forget to spray the roof of your car. Spray at every reachable corner of the car so that smell goes away instantly.

Hotboxing is all fun and games until your car start smelling like stale weed. In this article, we have discussed four of the most effective ways to get rid of weed smell out of the car. Follow these easy tips and things from your home to get rid of the marijuana smell.

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