Weed Rules: 6 Rules for the Stoners Circle

A group of friends is incomplete without a premium quality stash. Smoking weed along your buddies intrigue a sense of humor, gossips, and never-ending fun. Besides all that fun part, there are also some of the weed rules that everybody needs to follow. These etiquettes are usually followed when stoners are sitting in a group of friends, and weed session is going on. In this article, we are going to explore some of the weed rules that should be followed by every weed lover who wants to smoke marijuana with friends.

Who Rolls it, Sparks it:

Smoking weed starts with rolling a joint, and a friend who rolls it sparks it. This unspoken weed rule is followed since ever. Do not break this rule to stay in the stoners’ gang.

Live and Let Live:

If one of your pals is not feeling like smoking, then let it be. You do not have to persuade anyone to smoke if they are not willing to. Similarly, if someone is done with smoking after taking some puffs, then do not force or trigger them to smoke more. Moreover, if someone is not into smoking weed, then do not make them feel left out.

Contribute a Little:

To make the weed session more exciting, there should be some extra stash, and if you are going to smoke along with friends, then try to get a bud so that everyone can enjoy a little more. You can also contribute by getting some snacks as we all know that weed sessions are never completed without munchies. This won’t cost you a lot, and your pals will be a little happier.

Keep on Passing:

Smoking and puffing with friends are all about hilarious stories and fun, but to increase the level of fun, you should keep on passing the joint. Do not stop the rotation for a boring story of exes. Puff the joint and pass it over.

Respect the Space:

Yes, we understand that weed high can leave you in doing some hilarious activities but be respectful to the place you are smoking in. If you are smoking at your friends’ home, then don’t be loud enough to disturb the neighbors, also try to leave on time so that your friend can get some time for themselves to relax at home. If you are smoking at restaurants or pubs, then make sure that no one is getting disturbed because of your smoking session.

Puff and Pass:

If you are smoking in a group of friends and enjoying the marijuana session, then keep in mind that you should only take two puffs from joint and not more than that. If you are puffing on bongs and bowls, then one puff is enough.

Gathering with our best buddies is not complete without your favorite joint that is rolled up with the premium marijuana. However, there are rules for everything and yes for smoking marijuana too. In this article, we have discussed six of the most common rules of smoking weed with your friends.

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